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14 days Balinese Cultural and Yoga Spiritual Retreat

How often have you dreamed that after two weeks of vocation things in your life are more clear and you have gone through personal transformation?

Usually it is quite the opposite that returning from the vocation you feel even bussier, things are piled up and nothing has changed.

There is one place in the world, on mystical island, where entering with the open heart things that must happen take place and the island takes good care of you. This island has its own wisdom and intelligence which encourages you to open up to your own potensial - so it happens that some experience big spiritual awakening, some find love, the others find themselves, some get nothing, others have unreal mystical experiences, miraculous healings, the others clean themselves from dark thought, some find inner peace and joy for the whole life.

Trip to Bali makes your long term dream come true - you will go for a journey that opens the doors not only to the depth of one culture and religion but also helps to discover with yoga, meditation and energy work the yet hidden layers of your own body, mind and soul. In Bali`s mystical energy room the inner and outer, seen and hidden world evolve into one and allow you to see the world through new perspective. all this with the eye opening cultural events, local mystery, amazingly beautiful nature with warm sun and sea will fit into our Bali trip in January 2018.

Activities and what is included in the price

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Accommodation 2 weeks in a double room
  • Transport on the Bali island
  • Boat ride to Gili island
  • Water and fire ceremonies
  • Local dance night visit
  • Old healer and higher priestess visit
  • Visit to temples
  • Balinese home visit
  • Breakfast every day, 5 dinners and 4 lunches
  • Sunrise hiking trip to volcano mountain and natural hot spring
  • Walking trip to the rice fields
  • River rafting
  • Airport transfer

Price, date, booking conditions and cancellation

Retreat takes place 22.03-04.04 2018 and the travel group is nicely small.

14 days Spiritual Yoga retreat in Bali is 1300 EUR when you register before 01.02.2018 and 1600 EUR after 01.02.2018.

300 Eur prepaymant guarantees you place in the group. If you cancel your trip before 01.02.2018,  you will get your prepayment back.

Price does not include airfares and additional food times, body treatments, card readers, ayurveda doctor, healers, reflexology, massage.